Sponsoring a Prospect

All prospective members must be sponsored by a Full & True Amazon. the F&T sponsor is responsible for bringing a well educated, fully prepared member before the EB and eventually before the membership for vote on whether or not the prospect will become F&T and be forever called Sister.  Your sisters are relying on  your diligence to bring a strong confident woman to our ranks and the prospects' success within the club and will be a direct result of you as her sponsor. 

The sponsor should ideally be located within a day's ride of the prospect she sponsors so that the personal contact can be made during the prospective members prospect period.  She should be prepared to deidicate herself and her own personal resources to becoming familiar with the prospective member. 

The sponsor will have one (1) year to train and educate the Prospect as to the history, culture, by-laws and business of the Amazon Women's Motorcycle Club. The sponsor will, at 3 month intervals, report on the prospects status including any ride reports that result from a personal meeting so that the EB is abreast of the prospects' progress toward F&T status. 

The educational process shall include, but not be limited to the following:


Amazons - Greek mythology - a tribe of warlike women who lived in Asia Minor. The Amazons

had a matriarchal society, in which women fought and governed while men performed the household tasks.  Each Amazon had to kill a man before she could marry, and all make children were either killed or maimed at birth.  It was believed that the Amazons cut off on e breast in order to shoot and throw spears more effectively.   They were celebrated warriors, believed to have been the first to use cavalry, and their conquests were said to have included many parts of Asia Moinor, Phygia, Thrace and Syria.  Several of the finest Greek heroes proved their mettle against the Amazons: Hercules took the golden girdle of Ares from their Queen Hippolyte, Theseus abducted Hippolyte's sister Antiope and then defeated a vengeful army of Amazons at Athens. A contingent of Amazons fought with the Trojans under Penthesilea.

In choosing the name Amazons, the club has made a commitment to the several ideologies. One is that  men have no voice or place within the club.  Except in a case of threat to a Sister or the sisterhood, they are largely ignored. 

Ancient Amazons were skilled warriors and although that behavior is no longer required or accepted in our society, there are areas in which we feel we can and should apply a warrior-like attitude within modern guidelines. Biker's rights, women's health, safety and civil rights issues are examples.

Like ancient Amazons we are cavalry like in that we ride modern "horses" and gather for group rides for issues we take interest in. Charity rides, bikers' funerals and political issues with regard to motorcyclists' rights are areas where showing group strength is vital and appropriate. 

There are many correlations between anchient Amazon society and that of the club. The prospect should be given a history so the initiation ceremony makes sense and provides a sense of community with these ancient women we have chosen to emulate. 


Please refer to separate documents entitled Amazons Bylaws or download below. 


The sisterhood is based on the following six principles. All Members and Prospects must embrace and practice these principles, particularly when involved in club matters:

  • LOVE - An AMAZON lets love guide all her actions when dealing with her AMAZON Sisters, for they are true Sisters in the spiritual sense of the word. 

  • HONOR - An AMAZON will honor the ways of the Sisterhood and her AMAZON Sisters. 

  • TRUTH - An AMAZON is true to her inner spirit. An Amazon knows her strengths and weaknesses and will not hide from them. An AMAZON will never lie to her Sisters. 

  • RESPECT - An AMAZON respects her own integrity and that of others at all times, including respect for the Sisterhood and its bylaws. 

  • LOYALTY -  An AMAZON is loyal to the Sisterhood and takes part in decisions concerning the Sisterhood as a whole.

  • COMMITMENT -  An AMAZON is committed to her Sisterhood, as well as to her self. She will stand up for her beliefs and those of the AMAZON WMC. She contributes energy to the club to keep it running smooth. 


The Amazons are a motorcycle club and as such its' members must observe proper protocol for MC clubs at all times. This is both so that the club can command the respect it deserves from other clubs and for the safety of the Sisterhood both as individuals and as a whole. 

First and foremost, the patch is a symbol of the club and as such most be respected at all times. No Amazon ever rides behind another person while wearing her patch, except for the following events: Funerals for a patch holder of another club and fundraisers put on by another motorcycle club for which club officers have met and discussed the protocol for that specific event. When an Amazon event is scheduled, the senior Amazon will lead the group and another Full & True Amazon will ride sweep. Non-Members including any family members, spouses, prospects and other club members will ride behind the last Amazon in formation, but in front of the Amazon riding sweep. the only women that can be referred to as "sister" are initiated members in good standing. A prospect is not to be referred to as sister and should not refer to members as sister. "Sister" is a term of respect and is a title that must be earned. 

Club members and officers are to be shown respect by prospects at all times. A prospect is not to express strong opinions about club business or protocol. A prospect has the protections of the sisterhood but does not have a voice within the club until she is initiated. A prospect is always welcome to discuss anything she may have a question about with her HP privately. 

Club members and especially prospects are to conduct themselves in a respectful manner when dealing with the public. Outrageous displays of poor taste with regard to themselves, their spouses and others in public will not be tolerated. While wearing their colors, club members speak for ALL their sisters and their actions are a direct reflection on the club. 


Member patches are to be worn at every Amazon event and gathering or whenever it is safe to do so. Prospects will wear a patch provided by the sisterhood identifying her as an Amazon Prospect, which is to be worn at all motorcycle events and whenever in the presence of F&T members and other clubs. 

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