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Does Riding a Motorcycle have to be all about Danger?

There are a lot of negative articles out there about how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle. I am sure some of your family and friends have offered up tons of negative comments when you shared your interest of riding. There are dangers, as always we need to be cautious and ride as safe as we possible can.

On the flip side, believe it or not there are BENEFITS to riding a motorcycle. I rode as a passenger on and off for about 30 years but never realized the benefits until I started riding my own bike. I received my motorcycle endorsement in 2009 and immediately purchased a bike and started riding. I am a plus sized middle aged female with Diabetes that recently became conscious of my health and try to make decisions to better my health.

The first benefit I learned when I started riding my own was, STRONGER KNEES AND THIGHS – when I first started riding I noticed that when I woke up the next day my legs hurt and were stiff, just like after working out at the gym. It got better after a few months of riding as long as I didn’t take any breaks from riding. After about 6 months I also noticed my knees were not as weak and felt more stable. I recently decided to research and found information that Orthopedic surgeons have noted that motorcycle riders have fewer knee problems because riding a bike strengthens key muscles used to hold the patella and other bones in the knee in place.

At the same time as noticing my legs were sore, my abs were to. So obviously it helps improve your CORE STRENGTH. It seems for me all of the activities involved in steering a bike, moving it at slow speeds, etc., serve to strengthen muscles in the abdomen.

The third benefit I realized was it seemed to be helping my glucose numbers, as in INSULIN SENSITIVITY. Diabetes is a constant struggle and after riding I checked my sugars and they were better. After searching on the web, I found that I am not the only one. It is said that motorcycle riding is a low-impact exercise, so riding improves insulin sensitivity for up to eight hours after a ride, which in turn promotes weight loss. If I can accomplish this riding a motorcycle, I am a pretty happy lady.

To build off the last benefit would be INCREASED CALORIE BURNING. Riding a motorcycle is a constant resistant exercise. According to web search, riding a motorcycle can burn up to 600 calories compared to 200 what the rest do.

Anyone low on VITAMIN D? I take Vitamin D as a supplement when I don’t ride as much as I want to, but when riding on a regular basis my vitamin D levels are improved. The best source of Vitamin D is the Sun so get as much of the natural Vitamin D as you can.

Do you wear a helmet? Did you notice when you first started riding your neck was sore too? That was you building your NECK STRENGTH. When you have a seat that fits you well, paired with handlebars and foot pegs/boards riding a motorcycle could be compared to a chiropractic visit. If you experience back pain after riding then you do not have a correct fit. Maybe we can discuss this on a later post.

I have saved the best for last, MENTAL OUTLOOK / STRESS RELIEVER have you heard of Endorphins? According to Google Dictionary, an endorphin is “any of a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system and having a number of physiological functions. They are peptides which activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect.” These almighty endorphins are released as we ride our motorcycles. This helps boost our moods and outlook on whatever is occupying our minds.

That was 8 benefits I just listed for riding your motorcycle. If you know of or experience any other benefits when you ride please comment with them below.

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