One Team One Fight 4 P.T.S.D
Gator Harley Davidson
8-18-17 to 8-20-17
Kansas (Momma Dukes) Prospect Ride
Crystal River

We are all enjoying our rides and Prospect Momma Dukes planned this ride for her Prospect Ride. It really began on Friday, we all met at Mason Jar and RockStar lead the girls to Lake City, FL to meet up with our Mother Chapter President, Skipper who rode from TX to spend the weekend with us. It rained pretty much the whole trip so no pictures were taken but we made it back safely. 

We started our Crystal River ride at Denny's in Eustis on Saturday Morning. rode to Roadside, then to High Octane and on to the Port Hotel & Marina where we stayed the night. That evening Momma Dukes and RockStar were patched in as Full & True Amazons and it was announced that Peeler will be our Florida Chapter President, Momma Dukes will be Sargent At Arms and RockStar will be the Secretary/Treasurer!! We now have a Full Florida Chapter!! What an amazing time it was!! We all had good intentions of playing the Left Right Center Dice game again, but some of us went to bed early. It was a hot and emotional day!!  

On Sunday we started our ride home at The Plantation on Crystal River for Bloody Mary's and breakfast. Rode to the Cove Pub, Roadside, Hideaway and ended at our Mother Chapter Vice Presidents home. 

Photos below - if you click on it you can view more photos and larger size. 

7-29-17 to 7-30-17
Marianne's (Radar) Prospect Ride
Ormond Beach

Oh what a time we had on this trip. Prospect Radar planned and led the entire ride. We started the ride at The Mason Jar for breakfast, rode to Steel Around in Astor, 3 Bananas in Crescent City, The Cheyenne Saloon in Palatka, Finns Beachside then onto the Condo on Ormond Beach. We relaxed, chatted and played Left, Right Center dice game and had so much fun. We slept then hit the road for the return trip home. The weather did not want to cooperate with us so we had to go to Radar's Plan B. We had breakfast at Alfie's then to Steel Around in Astor, Crossroads 44 in Eustis then to The Hideaway in Tavares. We were able to doge every bit of rain and the entire trip we stayed dry, thanks to Marianne's Radar Reading Capabilities, hence how she got the new name "Radar".  

Photos below - if you click on it you can view more photos and larger size. 

Bonnie's Memorial
 Pirates Pub
Save 2nd Base
 Cancer Benefit Ride for Lil Bit