By - Laws

Do you know what true sisterhood is?

True Sisterhood completes the circle; if your sister is down, you don't keep her down by kicking her, talking about her or judging her, you pick up. You smile at her, you affirm her, because you might be in the same situation one day.

True sisterhood is a bond that is shaped and formed from one heart to another it is strong and is not easily broken.

If there is ever something about another sister that just doesn't set right with you, just wait a minute, you can learn something from her, and she from you.


Sisterhood is not just for a brief moment, nor just a few years. It is a lifetime experience that will change your life forever. The relationships you create and the experiences you come across shape you into the person you are destined to be. It's a wild journey, but definitely worth the ride.

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